The Making of TBG:TCG

Two lifelong friends, making a boardgame based on one of their greatest passions – Football.

Just some of many highlights of making The Beautiful Game: TCG include a road trip to the UK gaming show in Birmingham to meet manufacturers, getting stressed trying to cover our massive box prototype with vinyl while hoping we’d measured everything correctly and scoring that first goal in play testing!

We have consumed a seemingly endless supply of beer, rum and coffee & have eaten our body weights in sweet chili crisps to fuel our creativity.

We’ve really enjoyed designing the game and tackling the various design problems that have arisen. As you can see from the photos, The Beautiful Game: TCG has gone through a large number of changes.

We’ve failed a lot – tweeked a lot and have learnt that a metre long box just isn’t a good idea!

We’ve had some fantastic feedback from gamers and non-gamers, football fans and our supportive friends and families.

Our friendship has just about remained in tact and we still love playing the game (which is a good sign!) We are often told to keep the noise down whilst playing it, as the head to head score in games is still remarkably close.

The Beautiful Game: TCG launches on Kickstarter on the 19th February. If you have half as much playing it as we have creating it, we know you’ll love it.

We really appreciate the feedback you have been leaving on our Twitter & Instagram accounts too, so please keep this coming!

Keep checking our blog for future updates and news.

The TBG:TCG Team.

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