Meet the creators of the Beautiful Game

Two graphic designers with a passion for football; Matt & Stu met at middle school & have been good friends ever since.
At this time Stu lived & breathed ‘Football’, playing at grass roots level and dreamt of scoring a cup final winner at Wembley.
Matt, also an avid football fan, had two left feet, but a talent for making things out of Fymo and playing board games. If that is a talent.

Fast forward a few years and two design degrees later, the friends met up to dust off a copy of Hero Quest from the attic over a couple of beers and somehow ‘The Beautiful Game TCG’ was born!

We believe that combining a football boardgame with trading card elements is a unique concept and we have personally enjoyed countless evenings developing and playing a game based on our love for all things Football. We’ve tried to stick to the core concept of make the game easy, fast and fun to play (like Hero Quest!) but with added complexity being introduced by the optional trading card elements.

The Beautiful Game TCG will be launched on Kickstarter – February 19th, 2018.
Read our blog & keep up with our latest news or follow us on our various social media channels which can be found on our website here.

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoy them game as much as we have!

Matt & Stu.

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