UK Games Expo 2017

Meeting with Wingo at UKGE 2017

On Saturday the 3rd of June we visited the UK Games Expo in Birmingham to meet with the guys from Wingo; the company who we have been in talks with to produce our game. It was great to meet Elaine and Shin face-to-face and go over the fine production details. We really can’t recommend them highly enough if there is anyone else reading this in the process of making their own game. Elaine has been brilliant at interpreting our requirements as well as talking us out of some of our more questionable choices and ultimately driving down our unit cost, which will allow us to sell it cheaper. Meeting aside, the expo itself was massive, with reportedly over 11,000 visitors on the day. We found it hugely inspirational – so many great games on show, so many ideas to absorb and such a lot of explaining to do when we got home with a boot full of games… Hopefully we’ll see you all there next year with our own booth…

Elaine from Wingo with Matt and Stu. Thanks to Shin for taking the photo!

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