Feedback and Development

Last week we had our old friend and veteran gamer Dan Mashford from Counter Attack Bases. If you aren’t already aware of Counter Attack Bases, they produce a huge and sensibly priced range of high quality tokens and bases for all your favourite war games! You can check them out here.

Dan gave us lots of great positive and critical feedback. One change he suggested we implemented this week involved cutting all the movement values in half and doubling the size of the spaces. After he said it, we couldn’t believe we hadn’t though of it – it meant halving any space counting in the game which would contribute to speeding up play. We were ecstatic, even if we felt a bit silly for not thinking of it ourselves. Off the new pitch went to the printer and we sat down 6 days later to play again and within seconds we realised it didn’t work – we’d lost the ability to work openings for players to run into space. Gutted we ditched the new version of the pitch and implemented the second change he suggested – having more Event Cards in hand. Dan argued that he wanted to have more options available (despite already battering me 4-0). The change in hand-size was huge on our next play-through. Extra options with which to build an attack around we great but it then became apparent how overpowered some cards became when backed up with a hand full of other cards. So, our next job: identifying overpowered cards and softening them up.

After his first game of TBG, Dan said that this is the game he thought Guildball was going to be before it was released. Not that he didn’t rate Guildball – he just expected it to be a bit more high-paced. High praise indeed! Cheers Dan.


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